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Sciton Profractional Laser- Dramatic Results in Crinkles, Wrinkles & Scars in Just One Week


Before and after 2 Profractional treatments to eyes, Photos by C. Elliott, M.D.

Fractionated lasers like the Profractional at Skinspirations have revolutionized the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, poor texture, stretch marks and scars. It's finally possible to look 5-10 years younger in just one week and with only 4-5 days of social down time.

"I didn't think anything could be done except for major surgery. To go through something this simple and it's like night and day. As bad as my skin was, 3 days later and Ta Da" Skinspirations patient, Donna F.

Until recently, only deep CO2 laser resurfacing with it's associated weeks to months of redness could provide this kind of dramatic improvement. With the development of Profractional fractionated laser skin resurfacing, similar results are obtained in just one or two treatments but without the prolonged healing period or degree of risk as seen with CO2 lasers.

Before & after 2 Profractional treatments, Photos by C. Elliott, M.D

The Profractional can be used on any area of the body to restore a percentage of the skin with brand new skin that's smoother.

photo of neck before profractional treatmentneck after a profractional laser treatment

Before & 1 month after a single Profractional Laser treatment, Photos by C. Elliott, MD

Before and after one Profractional treatment, Photos by C. Elliott, M.D.

How Does the Profractional Work?

With fractionated laser skin treatments the laser beam is broken up or fractionated into many small micro beams that strike the skin's surface separately in a regular pattern leaving small areas of untreated skin intact between them (See figure below).

profractional laser tampa, fraxel laser tampa before and after
Cross section of the skin showing effects of fractionated lasers

Each micro beam vaporizes a column (microthermal zone) down into the skin to a depth up to 1.5 mm, with a depth and concentration of column density determined by Dr. Elliott to produce the best results. Each vaporized column essentially responds by replacing itself with brand new skin but with a much lower risk of scars or pigment loss than is seen with CO2 resurfacing.

Scar Treatment with Profractional

Because each tiny column is surrounded by uninjured skin, the deeper depths necessary for changing the foundation of the skin can be reached which has finally provided us with a treatment that dramatically improves scars. Brand new, normal skin fills each column of scar that is vaporized so results are seen even with just one treatment.

This video shows one of our patients receiving a Profractional treatment at acne scar settings  with only topical anesthetic and you can see that it's not as uncomfortable as it looks.

Before and after 2 Profractional Laser treatments to scars (Photos by C. Elliott, M.D.)

The healing and remodeling that result from these vaporized columns produce new collagen to plump up the skin and smooth out wrinkles and lines while the intact skin between the columns invigorates and speeds the healing process.

Even hypertrophied scars like the one below can be improved with Profractional treatment because not only are the treated areas replaced with normal collagen, medications painted on during the treatment go down into the holes where they're most effective.

Hypertrophied scarring from previous tattoo removal treatments was improved up to the point in the 2nd photo, by 4 Profractional treatments with steroid. Photo by C. Elliott MD

Fraxel, the company that produced the first fractionated laser, is probably the name most familiar to the public, but there are now multiple companies producing fractionated lasers of varying wavelengths. Some fractionated lasers require at least 4 treatments to reach even subtle improvement but with the development of the newest fractionated lasers like the Sciton Profractional, dramatic improvement can be seen in fine lines, redundant skin and scars even with just one treatment.

A single Profractional Laser treatment will produce visible results that continue to improve as the skin remodels over the following months, but a series of 2 Profractional laser treatments usually provide results as dramatic as seen with full skin resurfacing. Profractional Laser treatments can be repeated after at least 4 weeks.

What is the Profractional Treatment Like?

After a consultation defining your goals and an examination of your skin, photos are taken and a cream anesthetic is applied for about 1 hour. Most patients find the Profractional treatment to feel "prickly" and feel it's tolerable with just cream anesthetic but oral pain medicine can also be provided if desired.

Immediately following the procedure there is usually redness and a sunburn sensation. Depending on the depth of treatment there may be some pinpoint bleeding for up to a day after a Profractional Laser treatment and several days of swelling around the eyes or when acne scars are treated. Redness usually resolves within a week but in very fair skinned people it can sometimes persist for several months. Any discoloration is easily hid by makeup or tinted sunscreen in as early as 3 days after the treatment. 

Prices for Profractional treatments range from $300-$1,900 depending on the size of the area treated and packages of 2 treatments are discounted 15%.


Call our office at 727.571.1923 today for a for a free consultation to see how Profractional can help you acheive the look you've always wanted.

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